Photography Challenges

Photography challenges are a great way to grow in your photography and it helps that someone else is coming up with the ideas so you can focus on creative interpretation.  Added benefits include sharing your photos with a community and receiving support and feedback.  And if you stick with it, it will become routine for you to see the world around you with photography in mind.

Here are some photography challenges I enjoy participating in:

WordPress’s The Daily Post Photo Challenge

The Daily Post runs a weekly photo challenge of interesting prompts so check out the photo challenge page every Friday.  This challenge’s community is big and very positive – definitely a great place to participate in not only sharing your own challenge posts but viewing others’ too.  If you have a wordpress blog you just post your challenge photo as a new post and include the link of that week’s challenge post so others can come over to have a look.  If you don’t have a wordpress blog you can either create one especially for this challenge or just participate in the challenge on your own and/or share your photos on social media.  It’s completely up to you – this is for your benefit after all.

dPS Weekly Photography Challenge

The Digital Photography School also runs a weekly photography challenge that changes every Friday.  The prompts are different from but as challenging as the above challenge.  The great thing about the dPS challenge is that it often comes with a quick lesson which is great especially if you’re into learning some new techniques.  Participants generally post their challenge photos in the comments section of the challenge post which you can do too.  Or you can post your  photos on your blog or social media.  There’s no dedicated page for the photography challenge but click the Tips & Tutorials tab and you’re sure to spot it.

Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project #WHP

Follow @instagram to participate in their weekly hashtag project by simply posting your photo with the hashtag #WHP.  They have awesome prompts and a huge community of photography lovers so you’ll get the chance to be creative and see some of the great stuff instagrammers are creating.

It’s_My_Week Photo Challenge

Follow @its_my_week on instagram for a very cool weekly challenge that has a huge following.  Quite different in style from Instagram’s own challenge so if that one didn’t do it for you this may be more your thing.  All you have to do is check out the week’s theme and share your photo on instagram with the tag #myweekof[that week’s theme] and include @its_my_week

Your own Challenges on Instagram

There is always the option of creating your own challenge or project.  Many people participate in challenges of their own making on Instagram using hashtags like:

#365  #365project  #365photochallenge

365 days of your life or something specific like; sunsets, my dog, my city, etc.  Absolutely anything goes.  Go mental, get creative.  Loads of people talk really highly of embarking on the #365 photo a day project.

#52  #52weeks

You can break in gently and do a #52 weeks of … project instead.

#100happydays  #100daysofgratitude

#100happydays is another popular daily challenge aimed at daily gratitude.  This one is wonderful and after 100 days of gratitude I’m pretty sure you’ll be feeling great.