4 Authors Reveal The Book That Scared Them To Death

I came across an article on Oprah's website:  Authors Reveal: “The Book That Totally Surprised Me”  10 Authors were asked to pick a book that thrilled them, surprised them, or scared them to death.  I'm going to share with you the books that 4 authors said scared them to death.  First though let me share... Continue Reading →


A Guide to Reading David Eddings’ Fantasy Series

David Eddings is a very famous American writer of high fantasy with a number of series under his belt.  Many of his books were written together with his wife, Leigh Eddings.  If you are planning to read Eddings for the first time here is the info to help you navigate reading the series in the best... Continue Reading →

Must Have Writers’ Reference Books

While searching for literature reading lists online I came across the Warwick University reading list for The Practise of Fiction and here are the reference books every writer needs in his arsenal to take on writing fiction: The Oxford English Dictionary Your own copy of the Oxford English Dictionary is essential.  The list talks about... Continue Reading →

Appreciating Irish Literature Reading List

In celebration of St Patrick’s Day I’ve put together this list of famous writers who you may or may not have known hail from Ireland.  The list includes both classic and contemporary works of notable fiction.  Today, wear something green and pick up a book by an Irish author!  Happy St Patrick’s Day! Gulliver’s Travels... Continue Reading →

Authors’ Top Ten Books

I found my way to toptenbooks and was happily surprised to find that J Peder Zane, editor of The Top Ten – Writers Pick their Favourite Books, has posted the top ten favourite books of a large selection of authors.  I particularly like to see what authors are reading and which books are their favourites. ... Continue Reading →

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