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Why The Best Camera Really Is The One You Have With You

It’s easy to get caught up in creating the perfect image; stressing over the sharpness, the saturation, and the bits and pieces that others say constitute a ‘good’ photograph.  This inevitably leads us to obsess over which hardware can help us get the best results.

If you love photography chances are you enjoy the time you spend with the camera in your hand trying to capture the world around you.  And you probably enjoy some creative tweaking afterwards.

But then when you evaluate your result, your final image, you might find yourself feeling disappointed or inadequate as you compare yourself to others.  And we’re prone to this because, while we live in a time where sharing our images is easy and our reach is great, photography is a visual medium.  Deep down, we want someone else to see it.  Naturally, you will then wonder what others will think of your image, worry even.

“The best camera is the one you have with you”

This is where that popular quote becomes important.  Photography has been a popular past time long before the invention of the camera phone.  But the camera phone has meant that a lot more people can join in the fun.

We get better at creating great photography with practice.  Stressing about not having your dslr with you, not having a good enough camera, or only having your phone camera with you when a good photography moment presents itself, or worse; closing your eyes to the photography opportunities around you because you don’t have the right camera with you, is criminal.

It’s counter-productive and counter-fun.  It’s important to remind ourselves that we’re doing this firstly for the fun of it, for ourselves.  And yes, you’ll want to share your images on your chosen social media.  Go for it.  Embrace where you are in your photography journey and enjoy it.  Photography is not exclusively for the people who can afford great cameras or those who already have killer skills; it’s for whoever wants to try it.

Regardless of your hardware or skill level, photography is about what you see and we all see things differently.  That’s what’s cool about it and that’s why you should share your photography if you choose to, to share your visual point of view.

It’s for that reason that ultimately (unless you’re a professional shooting a wedding) the best camera is the one you have with you; our individual perspective is what’s interesting.

It’s what you see and how you frame it that makes your photography interesting.  The rest comes with practice.


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