Trello: A Content Creation & Management Tool

Creating a blog is exciting and it can be very uplifting.  We all have different goals for our blogs but one thing remains the same for us all if we have longevity in mind; post inspiration and organisation.

There are a lot of ways to organise your posts but Trello is the tool I use and love.  I adore using Trello for 4 main reasons:

  1. You can create lists.
  2. It also has a calendar.
  3. It has colour labels to help you categorise.
  4. It is accessible on all your devices and updates on them all when online.

Trello actually has loads more features than these so I recommend you check it out but I’m going to talk about why I use this tool for blogging and how it helps me not only stay organised but also helps me find inspiration for new content.

You can create as many lists as you like.  You can create some for organisation and others for ideas or info.  I have a few main lists for organisation; my To Do list which includes all the posts I have planned that need to be written as well as ideas for posts that need to be fleshed out; my Scheduled list which includes the posts I’ve written and are scheduled for publication in WordPress; and my Published list which includes all the posts I’ve published.  You might be wondering why Trello is so special when you could write all this down but each item that you add to a list can be easily moved from one list to another (yay, no more crossing out!) and can be edited to include a date and a label.  The date places each item in the calendar so when you switch to calendar view all your list items/posts are organised so that you can see very clearly the distribution of your posts throughout the week, month, and year.

The calendar view can help you plan for the long term.  You can decide in advance to schedule certain posts belonging to specific categories to publish on a specific day of the week or month.  In this way you can publish your content in a well spaced and consistent way.  You won’t be bombarding your readers with one topic all month long only to switch to something completely different next month.  You can sprinkle different topics throughout the month. The calendar will help you achieve this easily with its ability to give you a visual overview.

The labels are another wonderful visual way of helping you see this topic distribution in both list and calendar view.  For each post type or category you can assign a label colour.  Every time you add an item to a list or the calendar you can assign it a colour to help you organise your content.

So, how does all this organisation help with inspiration?  Well, for me, it means that all the nitty gritty post planning and distribution is taken care of and it is done in such a way that I can now sit back and see very clearly what I’ve written about and how regularly.  Inspiration comes in when I can see what I should write more of and when so as to enhance the overall balance of my blog’s content.  You are now no longer pulling ideas from thin air but are guided to think about ideas within certain topics or categories.  I find this extremely helpful, motivating, and far less intimidating.

Trello is a fantastic creative and organisational tool.  Check it out and see if it’s for you.


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