Lilolia is Expanding: New Topics & Content

Lilolia will soon be expanding to include new topics and content.  For the readers who have come to know Lilolia, rest assured that all the current content related to reading will continue as normal.  Lilolia will remain dedicated to reading and books.  I have always had a vision for this blog that included more topics and different kinds of content though and I now have a much better idea of what I would like to expand into.

Learning, creativity, inspiration, expression.

Some of the areas I would like to blog about are self education and continued learning, creativity, photography, other forms of creative expression, and topics related to how we can live creatively, express that creativity, and continue to learn and expand throughout life.

Just as I have tried to give you all some reading inspiration, I hope to provide you with inspiration for other creative endeavours.

I’m on a journey.

Lilolia began as a personal journey through the world of literature to learn more and be more engaged.  The new topics and content are part of my personal journey too and the perspective will be the same.  I will share what I learn, what I think is interesting and helpful, and hopefully help others on similar journeys.

I hope you enjoy what’s to come!





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Verity M

Freelance Writer. Love Reading, Photography, & Life Design. I'm all about Curiosity & Creativity.

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