Review: Before I wake by CL Taylor

Before I Wake by CL Taylor was published in 2014 and is a suspense/thriller novel.  There definitely was  suspense and I read it quickly to find out what the big secret was.  This novel opens with Susan’s daughter, Charlotte, in a coma after being hit by a bus.  Everyone believes it was an accident but the bus driver describes how Charlotte made eye contact with him just before she stepped out in front of him.  Susan also believes there is more to it and when she findsBefore I Wake Charlotte’s diary she finds out that Charlotte was keeping a secret so big it was weighing heavily on her…heavily enough for her to step in front of a bus.

Here is the blurb from GoodReads:

This secret is killing me.  It’s only one line from her fifteen-year-old daughter’s diary, but Susan knows it means everything. Charlotte is smart, popular, and beautiful. She is also in a coma following what looks like a desperate suicide attempt. What’s more, Susan has no idea what compelled her daughter to step out in front of a city bus.  Did she really know her daughter at all? In her hunt for the truth, Susan begins to mistrust everyone close to Charlotte, and she’s forced to look further, into the depths of her own past. The secrets hidden there may destroy them both.

The rest of the novel alternates between Susan’s diary entries from the past about her ordeals with a particular man who has haunted her life for years since and the real time descriptions of her efforts to find out from who ever she can what her daughter had been hiding.  It was a well paced novel with good characters and a good amount of intrigue.  I felt there was an underlying theme of mental illness of different kinds affecting people for different reasons which I found added greatly to the novel and suspense.

All in all it was a good quick read which I enjoyed.

lilolia review rating 3 stars good



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