kinnareads africa reading challenge

KinnaReads’ 2015 Africa Reading Challenge

KinnaReads is hosting the 3rd Africa Reading Challenge and I had such a great time participating last year that I am in again!  Mosey on over to Kinna’s blog to kinnareads africa reading challengecheck out the guidelines for participating in the challenge and see a whole lot of wonderful recommendations.  The challenge is to read 5 books by African authors or about Africa (at least 3 of your choices must be authored by Africans though).  There is a wealth of wonderful African literature to get through.  Last year I shared my Africa Reading Wishlist (updated for this year) which I’ll be continuing to work through.  If you decide to join us don’t forget to share the links for your reviews here.  You can find my reviews for all Africa Reading Challenges on my Africa Reading Wishlist post.


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