Review: The Divide by Nicholas Evans

I finally got round to reading Nicholas Evans’ book The Divide.  It came out a while ago and I’ve been meaning to read it for ages as he is one of my favourite authors.  The books I most enjoyed of his were The Smoke Jumper and The Horse Whisperer.  I can’t say I didn’t enjoy The Loop because it was great and I hadn’t read a story like that before so I would recommend all of his books.  His great strength as a writer is being able to tell stories about the human heart in the face of difficult situations.  He does so with such ease and completely without frills. The Divide His writing flows easily and is always right on the mark.  He does dialogue like no other – I would say the most authentic dialogue I’ve ever read in books that take on these issues.  He also seems to be able to take you to the heart of a relationship without overwriting it.  He always gets me thinking about people and why they do what they do and shows me the truths of others’ lives different from my own.  The Divide covers a number of different relationships although what struck me in this novel was how Ben and Sarah’s marriage broke down so suddenly…but don’t think this book is about marriage.

“On a Montana morning, two skiers find the body of a woman embedded in the ice of a mountain creek. She’s identified as Abbie Cooper, a brilliant college student who was on the run from charges of murder. But what was the chain of events that led this golden child astray? The answers are in the secrets of an American family fractured by lies and reunited in a tragedy.”  (GoodReads)

I hate putting spoilers in my reviews because the reason I write these reviews is just to give a bit of info to those who may be interested in reading the book themselves.   So no spoilers here.  However, another relationship that really struck me was the relationship between Abbie Cooper and her ‘environmental terrorist’ boyfriend.  The Divide is set in Montana mostly and this follows on from Evans’ other novels which are set in the same area of the US.  It has that Evans Montana feel to it but is also different as it follows the lives of the family of a girl who made a decision that changed everybody’s future forever.  It is part crime story, part love story.  It deals with carrying on after your relationship fails and moving on after losing a loved one as well as exploring the different kinds of love in life against a backdrop of bad choices.  It’s a great book to read to escape a bit.  I recommend The Divide along with all his other books.  Love them all!  If you’ve read this or another of his books I’d love to hear what someone else thinks of them.


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