Penguin’s Clothbound Beauties

For some time now I have ogled the absolutely beautiful Penguin Hardcover Clothbound Classics with cover design by Coralie Bickford-Smith.  I’m sure many of you have already encountered these beautiful books and better yet have some of them gracing the shelves of your bookcases.  I’m pretty ashamed to say that I only came across these collectible books for the first time a few weeks ago and do not yet own any…but I will!  For your viewing pleasure I wanted to share with you some of the covers to look at.






7 thoughts on “Penguin’s Clothbound Beauties

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    1. No clue what they look like inside…I have only had the pleasure of seeing them online. I checked out my local bookshop for them and they didn’t have any 😦 I’m not sure I’d care much what’s happening on the inside given those covers 😉


      1. Just wondering if they had nice illustrations and fonts as well. I am sure they do, but since I can’t see them in actuality, was wondering how they look inside


  1. Every time I see these in the local bookshop I have to remind myself that I already have other editions of them on my shelves. If I had known these were going to be available I would have waited.


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