2013 M-Net Literary Award Winners

The M-Net Literary Awards were awarded in September this year.  The English category prize went to The Institute for Taxi Poetry by Imraan Coovadia. The Debut prize went to The Book of War by James Whyle.

The Institute for Taxi Poetry by Imraan Coovadia

Institute for Taxi Poetry

Solly Greenfields, the first of the taxi poets, has been shot dead. At the Institute for Taxi Poetry, where they train young people to write poetry on the bodywork of Cape Town’s taxis, Solly’s protege Adam Ravens tries to make sense of his death. Who killed Solly, and why is Adam’s son acting so weird? In the world of Imraan Coovadia’s new tragicomic novel taxi companies thrive in a single-party state. Taxi poets are admired, sliding-door men rule, professors and politicians strut and fret and connive in a society shaped by violence and ambition, love, and the unsettling power of the imagination. (read more on GoodReads)

The Book of War by James Whyle

The Book of War

An illiterate child is stranded on the southern tip of Africa. The British and the Xhosa have been at war for eighty years and the boy signs up in the hope of steady meals. His new commander has assembled an assortment of convicts, sailors, and drunkards from the gutters of Cape Town. They will be used to test the effectiveness of a revolutionary new weapon.  The irregulars embark on journey through a landscape prowled by wild beasts, and the distinction between man and animal becomes ephemeral. Based on firsthand accounts of the War of the Prophet, The Book of war converts the bare facts of history into something terrible and strange.  (read more on GoodReads)




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