2010 Hugo Award Winners

Yes, you read correctly, winners in the plural.  For the third time in its 57 years the Hugo Best Novel Award is tied between two winners.

The winners for the 2010 Hugo Best Novel Award are:

China Mieville for The City and The City

Paolo Bacigalupi for The Windup Girl


The Guardian had this to say about the winning novels:

With Miéville’s novel a fantastical twist on a crime story, and Bacigalupi’s a futuristic tale about an engineered girl grown for sex tourists, this year’s winning titles show the range of science fiction today. Set in Thailand, The Windup Girl tells the story of the beautiful Emiko, grown in a creche for a Kyoto businessman but now abandoned in Bangkok, and her encounter with AgriGen’s “Calorie Man” Anderson Lake, whose job is to look for “extinct” foodstuffs to help his company “reap the bounty of history’s lost calories”. It has been compared to William Gibson’s cyberpunk classic Neuromancer in the Washington Post, which also cited Margaret Atwood, JG Ballard and Philip K Dick as influences. The book also carried off this year’s Nebula award for best novel.

Bacigalupi pronounced himself “blown away and so pleased with this huge honour”, describing his fellow winner’s novel as “excellent”. The City and the City, which has already won Miéville the UK’s top two science fiction prizes, the Arthur C Clarke and British Science Fiction Association awards, is very different to Bacigalupi’s novel. The story of a murder investigation in the decaying city of Besźel, it quickly emerges that things aren’t quite as they seem: Besźel exists in the same physical space as another city, Ul Qoma, and Inspector Tyador Borlú of the Extreme Crime Squad must travel there to solve the mystery. “Miéville thickens his plot with exceptional mastery,” wrote Michael Moorcock in the Guardian.

“Keeping his grip firmly on an idea which would quickly slip from the hands of a less skilled writer, Miéville again proves himself as intelligent as he is original”.




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