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The last time we talked about Patricia Briggs and her Mercy Thompson series I had only just heard about her and her books due to her latest release’s positioning on the New York Times best sellers’ list a while back.  Since that post I got a hold of her books and in one week I read all 5 of the Mercy Thompson novels AND all 3 of her Alpha and Omega series.  They were fantastic reads!  The thing is I don’t want to tell you too much, if anything, about the plots of the novels because it would mar your experience of the stories.  They are for enjoyment and you will enjoy them if urban fantasy is your thing.

mercy thompson series

Original, not overly complicated yet packed with details, still easy to identify with despite the magical/supernatural nature of her characters and helluva fun.   I have noticed that other novels in this genre tend to have loads of romance.  Briggs’ novels are not inundated with romance and sex – I found a healthy sprinkling of romance which was great but Briggs’ leaves a lot to the imagination and gets straight back into the action.  Her novels also pick up right where she left off in the previous novel – I really liked this because you don’t miss anything and you get a much better sense of all the character’s lives.  Speaking of characters, they are extremely well rounded and full.  You can’t help getting lost in them very quickly as she describes and reveals them so well.  This is definitely why you want to devour novel after novel in the series because you can’t help but want to know what’s going on next – there’s so much that could happen.

The series is literally brimming with preternatural creatures and whether skinwalkers, shapeshifters, vampires, werewolves, fae of all kinds or witches is what you like then there’s nothing  missing.  An interesting blend of beings including humans living together and dealing with life’s obstacles except not just the unmagical banal but the secret or withheld dealings of the supernaturals that live amongst us.  Briggs’, like others in the genre, have set the stories in a time where some supernatural beings are ‘out’ so to speak.  For example the fae are officially ‘out’ to the human public and as a way of living together peacefully they have been moved to reservations to live together out of the way of humans.  It is a very interesting detail and makes for interesting reading from a creative author.  The werewolves are also ‘out’ to the public – but Im not going to let all the cats out the bag.

I found Briggs’ novels trumped all others within the genre (sorry – I’m not a huge fan of the twilight series books…what can I say) and when I finally closed the last book I was sad.  Yes, this I believe to be the ultimate sign of enjoyment, when I finished them all and knew I’d be waiting until next year for the next installation sadness befell me – I had to wait a bit before I could get into another novel.

What did you think of the series?  Let us know – leave a comment.  Go on over to Patricia Briggs’ website for more info:


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  1. You really should go check out Bitten by Kelly Armstrong. She is a bit more vivid in her romance scenes, but it doesn’t take over her stories.

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