2010 PEN Faulkner Award for Fiction Winner

The winner of the PEN Faulkner Award for Fiction has been announced.  And the award goes to War Dances by Sherman Alexie.

Take a look at what The Seattle Times had to say about War Dances:

“War Dances” collects 23 stories, essays, poems and call-and-response sequences that examine themes of love, the hazards of love and betrayal, as well as Indian stereotypes, race relations and the corrupting nature of success.

In the announcement, made Tuesday morning from Washington, D.C.’s Folger Shakespeare Library, judge Al Young stated, ” ‘War Dances’ taps every vein and nerve, every tissue, every issue that quickens the current blood-pulse: parenthood, divorce, broken links, sex, gender and racial conflict, substance abuse, medical neglect, 9/11, Official Narrative vs. What Really Happened, settler religion versus native spirituality; marketing, shopping and war, war, war. All the heartbreaking ways we don’t live now — this is the caring, eye-opening beauty of this rollicking, bittersweet gem of a book.” ‘

Alexie said Tuesday that the award is particularly meaningful to him, both because he’s the first Native American author to win and because “it was established by writers, for writers. The fact that writers give the award is big for me, especially for this book.” He called “War Dances” a “mixtape” of writing styles and forms that not all reviewers and readers understood; “stories, poems, themes intersecting themes. Some people missed that.”

Read the full article – Seattle Times: Sherman Alexie wins PEN/Faulkner award for fiction, for ‘War Dances’

For more information please follow the link: http://www.penfaulkner.org/news_media.php?id=596



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