Writer Spotlight: Henning Mankell

I recently moved from my beloved home Cape Town, South Africa to the city of Maputo in Mozambique.  Knowing how much I love to read a friend of mine suggested I read Kennedy’s Brain by Henning Mankell because parts of it are set in Mozambique.  I discovered that Mr Mankell resides in Maputo for half the year and it is for this reason, interest piqued, that my Featured Author posts begin with Henning Mankell.

Henning Mankell, born February 3rd 1948 in Stockholm, Sweden, is a novelist as well as playwright and publisher.  He is known for his crime fiction and thrillers, particularly his Kurt Wallander series.  Mankell has lived in Sweden, Norway, Zambia, Mozambique and other African countries and was invited to run the Teatro Avenida in Maputo, Mozambique where he continues to work.  As a young man he was a left wing political activist strongly opposing the Vietnam war, South African Apartheid and the Portuguese colonial war in Mozambique.  Mankell is an avid charity donor and recently donated 15 million swedish kronor to the SOS Children’s Villages to build a village in Mozambique for homeless children.  Mankell has also created his own publishing house, Leopard Förlag, which supports young talents from Africa and Sweden.

Mankell’s Bibliography

Crime Fiction:

Kurt Wallander Series:

Faceless Killers

The Dogs of Riga

The White Lioness

The Man that Smiled


The Fifth Woman

One Step Behind


The Pyramid

The Troubled Man

Linda Wallander Series:

Before the Frost


The Return of the Dancing Master (2004)

Kennedy’s Brain (2007)

The Man from Beijing (2010)

Other Fiction (translated into English):

The Eye of the Leopard

Chronicler of the Winds

Son of the Wind (to be released in 2012)



Italian Shoes

Children’s Books:

Books about Sophia Series:

Secrets in the Fire

Playing with Fire

Fury in the Fire

Joel Gustafson Series:

A Bridge to the Stars

Shadows in the Twilight

When the Snow Fell

The Journey to the End of the World

Mankell’s Awards and Honours:

1991 Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy, Best Swedish Crime Novel Award for Faceless Killers

1991 The Nils Holgersson Prize for A Bridge to the Stars

1992 The Glass Key Award For Best Nordic Crime Novel: Faceless Killers

1993 Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis for A Bridge to the Stars

1995 Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy, Best Swedish Crime Novel Award for Sidetracked

2001 Crime Writers’ Association Gold Dagger for Best Crime Novel of the Year: Sidetracked

2005 Gumshoe Award for Best European Crime Novel: The Return of the Dancing Master

For more on Henning Mankell visit his official website:  www.henningmankell.com



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2 thoughts on “Writer Spotlight: Henning Mankell”

  1. Dear Henning Mankell, I am Swedish but I haven’t lived in Sweden since 1964 so I prefer to write in English. Also it suits my keyboard better. I write progressive political essays at several progressive sites, more or less American but of course international as well. (columnist for Axisoflogic.com and trusted writer or featured writer for other sites as well)
    I am shocked and disappointed by the Swedish authorities who have the nerve to go after a man like Assange who, in my opinion, and that of my progressive friends at the major U.S. progressive sites, is someone who ought to be praised and helped and not persecuted and imprisoned. I can’t find out in a google if you have already spoken up about this ridiculous attack on Julian Assange. So Sweden has now become yet another U.S. poodle. I find that very disheartening.
    It seems to me that anything that can be done in defense of Assange should be done. I have thought of writing myself, but I wouldn’t know which paper to go to. I think my Swedish is still good enough to write something, but your name weighs heavily and I do think it would be betetr if you do it.

    See http://killinghope.org/bblum6/aer89.html – by William Blum
    “One further consequence of the release of the documents may be to put an end to the widespread belief that Sweden, or the Swedish government, is peaceful, progressive, neutral and independent. Stockholm’s behavior in this matter and others has been as American-poodle-like as London’s, as it lined itself up with an Assange-accuser who has been associated with right-wing anti-Castro Cubans, who are of course US-government-supported. This is the same Sweden that for some time in recent years was working with the CIA on its torture-rendition flights and has about 500 soldiers in Afghanistan. Sweden is the world’s largest per capita arms exporter, and for years has taken part in US/NATO military exercises, some within its own territory. The left should get themselves a new hero-nation. Try Cuba. ”

    All the best,

    Siv O’Neall (née Molin)
    P.S. I will miss Wallander. I really liked him.

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