Philosophers & Books that Changed the Way we Perceive the World

This post by Glyn Hughes, which I came across on Squashed Philosophers, is a condensed list of the prominent philosophers and their books which have changed the way we think and value the world today.  I found it very interesting and so let’s revisit the thoughts of the greats and see if we can take new meaning from old words for today’s world – a world vastly different from theirs.

Henry D Thoreau’s “It is never too late to give up our prejudices…” particularly resonated with me given current issues and circumstances.  It’s also never too late to read the classics…

Squashed Philosophers:  The Books which Defined the Way we Think Now by Glyn Hughes

Thanks to Glyn Hughes for this insightful post!

Please visit the Squashed Philosopher’s website in support of this information:

You can download some of the above mentioned texts at the following website:


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